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He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully. (Psalm 24:4)
Angel hands God’s arrows barbed and true-aimed by COL 158   
Bruised hands and limbs charcoal used in treating 2SM 294-6, 298-300   
Careless soul, Careless souls shaken out of church 1T 181-2   
Cheerful heart Christian father who will have 2SM 438    [1]
Clean and unclean See Animal; Bird; Food (unwholesome); Unclean person  
Clean manner teach children to eat in CG 107   
Contrite soul cry of, God hears 5T 173    [1]
Covetous heart will be tested 2SG 237   
Deceived soul, Deceived souls be very reluctant to give up 1T 383    [3]
Despairing soul, Despairing souls feelings and needs of, consideration to be had for 5T 113    [2]
Desponding heart struggle experienced by 2T 274   
Doubting soul, Doubting souls Ev 240    [2]
Erring heart unwilling to. be criticized FE 239    [1]
Erring soul, Erring souls all men are, needing God’s pitying forgiveness 3T 93    [123]
Guilty soul, Guilty souls know what sins to confess in order to be clean before God 1T 156    [5]
Hand, Hands   [106]
“Hands off!” warning of, to gospel workers 5T 595-6   
Happiest heart has Christ as abiding guest ML 157   
Heart, Hearts   [878]
Heart action baby’s tight bands or waists hinder 2SM 466    [11]