EGW Topical Index (Title)

( 13687 ) ( English words)
Wretchedness each person possesses in himself the source of his own 5T 487    [11]
Writer, Writers   [97]
Writers (unidentified) passages quoted from Ed 150, 235, 303;Ev 176, 447;FE 98;GC 21;MB 93;MH 443;SR 321;1T 463;4T 369;5T 55;TM 56; See also Poet   
Writing, Writings   [60]
Written records antediluvians had no PP 83   
Written revelation no, during first 2,500 years of human history GC 5   
Wrong, Wrongs another person’s, nicest and most important work is to touch 1T 166    [61]
Wrong direction one step in, prepares way for another 4T 578   
Wrongdoer, Wrongdoers guard against undue severity toward AA 503-4    [7]
Wrongdoing consciousness of, degrades mind and character 5T 396    [4]
Württemberg, Germany GC 363-4   
Xerxes I (Ahasuerus) king of Persia 3BC 1139;PK 598, 600, 602;1T 16;5T 450;   
X-ray treatment black spot on EGW’s forehead given 2SM 303   
Yard, Yards beautified with trees and shrubbery, care of AH 149;2SM 463-4;    [2]
Yazoo City, Miss. 7T 231   
Year, Years   [29]
Yearly gathering, Yearly gatherings attendance at. blessings of 2T 575, 600    [6]