EGW Topical Index (Subtitle)

Ability, Abilities   [242]
    adapt, to needs 3T 496
    abuse of, vigor lost forever by TDG 350.2
    acceptance by God depends not on, but in seeking Him AG 67.5
    accountable to God for, HP 217.5, 224.1;Mar 122.3;RC 299.7;
       whether lowly or great TMK 324.3
    all have, to do something for God OHC 194.3
    all to work according to TDG 30.5
    appreciation for,
       as gifts when used to draw others TDG 90.3
       as lent capital for God’s glory TMK 88.4
    assuming credit for OHC 114.3
    attachments (unwise) seriously affect 1MCP 302.1
    balance needed among, but sacrificed by appetite Con 80.0
    belong to God, OHC 290.3
       and are to be used for Him RC 202.4
       He has bought us TDG 71.5
    benumbed, aroused by God to do a great work 1MCP 198.3
    best of,
       God has place for SD 284