EGW Topical Index (Subtitle)

    God not partial to 3SG 48-9
    pastoral life led by PP 81
    plan of salvation understood by 3SG 47
    resurrection of, at second advent 5BC 1110
    Sabbath kept by GC 453
    sacrifice of, better because it showed faith in Redeemer Con 23.1
    sinner penitent before God COL 152
       believed in Christ 3SG 48;6T 392;
       prototype of publican class COL 152
       righteous class represented by PP 72-3;3SG 50;SR 54;
       saved by Christ’s power 6T 392
       trusted in Christ’s atonement PP 72
    tents or booths abodes of PP 81
    thank offerings required of PP 71
    works of, righteous 3BC 1159
    younger than Cain PP 72;3SG 48;SR 52-3;