EGW Topical Index (Subtitle)

    blood of Christ spoken about, by 3SM 339.1
    blood of, crying from ground 5T 451
    burnt offerings required of 3SG 47
       Christ prefigured in COL 152;1SM 231;
       faith in Christ’s blood represented by DA 663;GW 162;
       fire from heaven consumed 3SG 48;SR 53;TM 78;
       presented at gate of Eden PP 83-4
       significance of 1BC 1086
       first example of enmity foretold in Gen. 3:15 PP 77
    character of, unlike Cain’s PP 71;3SG 47;SR 52;
    death of,
       Adam’s grief over SR 55
       first among men DA 618;3SG 51;
       rupture first occurred in human race at SR 56
    faith and obedience of 1BC 1088;PP 72;
       perpetual reproof to Cain PP 74
    first Christian among Adam’s children MB 33
    first martyr for Christ DA 618;MB 33;1T 78;
    God loved and reverenced by SR 88-9