EGW Topical Index (Subtitle)

    angels instructed PP 257;3SG 196;
    chronology re:
       83 years old at Exodus PP 425
       123 years old at death PP 425
       three years older than Moses PP 254;3SG 193, 196;
    death and burial of PP 424-7;4aSG 40;SR 168-9;3T 293;
    disappointment of PP 392
    Egyptian spoken perfectly by PP 254;3SG 193;
    eloquent 3SG 193
    faith of, effort to stagger 1T 292
    high priest PP 350-9, 426
       type of Christ COL 148;GW 34;PP 351, 426;
    in God’s presence on Sinai PP 425
    interceded for the rebellious PP 426;SR 160;4T 151;5T 377-8;
    jealous of Moses PP 382-5;4aSG 19-21;
    leadership of PP 382, 425-6;3SG 197-8;3T 339;
       in Moses’ absence PP 313, 316;3T 296;
    march of, in front of ark 1T 651
    miracles wrought by See Rod, of Aaron