1 - 29, Faithfulness To God Excites Fury Of Wicked, January 29
Faithfulness To God Excites Fury Of Wicked, January 29
“And the Lord had respect unto Abel and to his offering: but unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect.” Genesis 4:4, 5. (CTr 35.1) View Tool
The Lord gave Cain and Abel directions regarding the sacrifice they were to bring Him. Abel, a keeper of sheep, obeyed the Lord′s command and brought a lamb as his offering. This lamb, as it was slain, represented the Lamb of God, who was to be slain for the sins of the world. Cain brought as an offering the fruit of the ground, his own produce. He was not willing to be dependent on Abel for an offering. He would not go to him for a lamb. He thought his own works perfect, and these he presented to God.... (CTr 35.2) View Tool
Cain talked with Abel about their sacrifices and charged God with partiality. Abel interceded with his brother, repeating to him the very words of God′s command to them both regarding the offerings He required. Cain was provoked because his younger brother should presume to teach him. He allowed envy and jealousy to fill his heart. He hated his brother because he was preferred before him. (CTr 35.3) View Tool
As Cain pondered over the matter, he grew still more angry. He saw his mistake in offering only his own substance before the Lord, without the fitting sacrifice of a lamb, but he determined to vindicate himself and condemn Abel. Satan worked through him, inspiring him with a desire to slay his brother.... (CTr 35.4) View Tool
By this history the Lord would teach everybody that His Word is to be implicitly obeyed. Cain and Abel represent two classes—the wicked and the righteous, those who follow their own way and those who conscientiously keep the way of the Lord to do justice and judgment.... (CTr 35.5) View Tool
Abel did not try to force Cain to obey God′s command. It was Cain, inspired by Satan and filled with wrath, who used force. Furious because he could not compel Abel to disobey God and because God had accepted Abel′s offering and refused his, which did not recognize the Saviour, Cain killed his brother. (CTr 35.6) View Tool
The two parties represented by Cain and Abel will exist till the close of this earth′s history. The well-doer, the obedient, does not war against the transgressor of God′s holy law. But those who do not respect the law of God oppress and persecute other people. They follow their leader, who is an accuser of God and of those who are made perfect through obedience.... The spirit that leads people to accuse, condemn, imprison, and put to death other people has waxed strong in our world. It is this spirit that always works in the children of disobedience.—Manuscript 136, 1899. (CTr 35.7) View Tool