Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord: (Malachi 4:5)
Adventists, first-day .   [13]
Adventists, no-day . SDA abused by 3T 572   
Alexander the Great victim of intemperance CG 96;4T 348;   
American Progress: or, The Great Events of the Greatest Century by R. M. Devens, quoted GC 333   
Atonement, Day of   [63]
Books, Seventh-day Adventist   [243]
Book author, Book authors, Seventh-day Adventist ability of, talent given by God 7T 177    [7]
Byron, Lord 4T 519-20    [1]
Child of day, Children of day few people can be called 5T 10   
Christmas Day Christ’s birth commemorated on AH 477-8;MYP 311;   
Coming Christ’s second See Advent, second  
“Coming up,” Greek word rendered as, in Rev. 13.11 GC 440-1   
Coronation day Christ’s 4BC 1157;SD 347;    [1]
“Courage in the Lord!” cry of, in 1844 GW 265    [1]
Daniel the Prophet by L. Gaussen, quoted GC 365   
Dark day (May 19, 1780), described GC 306-8    [4]
Day, Days all, God carries out His plans for us in DA 206    [38]
Day and night changes of, speak to man of God’s love CS 17;SD 17;    [2]
Day by day how God would have His people live DA 313    [1]
Day of Atonement See Atonement, Day of