EGW Topical Index (Subtitle)

Day of God/Day of the Lord at hand 5T 98-105;6T 446;    [39]
    coming of, as thief in night FE 335;GC 38;
       as snare upon earth 5T 456;TM 233;
       unawares to ungodly GC 38
       with stealthy tread 6T 406
    described in Revelation TM 444
    everything preparing for 1T 363
    experience needed to stand in 5T 220
    false security in GC 38
    Isaiah referred to 2T 446
    men absorbed in business and pleasure in GC 38;4T 309;
    muffled footsteps of, world not aroused from deathlike slumber by FE 335
    near 5T 276-7
    prepare for 6T 407
    prophecies re GC 310-1
    put not far off 5T 276-7
    rapidly approaching FE 335;4T 608;
    right upon us CS 35;1T 361;
    searching test of, what alone will abide ML 72
    soon to break upon world 6T 333
    will come suddenly and unexpectedly FE 336