EGW Topical Index (Subtitle)

    Athaliah a daughter of PK 192
    Athaliah as last survivor of house of PK 216
    chariot of, Elijah guided PK 158;3T 287;
       died less than three years after Naboth did PK 196, 207
       Elijah hunted three years by PK 137
       Jehoshaphat many years a contemporary of PK 190
       king two years before Asa’s death PK 114
       reigned about a century after David PK 133
       reigning when Elisha was called as prophet PK 254
    death of, at hands of Syrians PK 207, 244
    Elijah acknowledged, as king 3T 287
    Elijah hunted by PK 123, 126, 137;3T 275;
    example of, warning to us 3T 262-3
    God’s authority and sovereignty above that of LS 321;TM 462;
    house of,
       exterminated by Jehu PK 215, 254-5
       fall of PK 204-16
    Israel led into heathenism by Ed 60;PK 114-6, 195, 224, 230;3T 262, 274, 277;
    Jehoshaphat aided, in war against Syrians PK 195