EGW Topical Index (Subtitle)

Advent, first EW 152-8;DA 43-9;    [77]
    Adam learned of, after he sinned PP 67;SR 48;
    ancient faith in 1SM 231
       could not tell Jews about LHU 30.3;Mar 11.3;
       identified Him at AG 162.3
       rejoiced at See Angels
       wanted to glorify, but people not prepared LHU 373
    announced first in Judea DA 231
    celebrated by heavenly host; make Christmas a blessing RC 373.2
    Christ as a man at; He ascended to heaven as God LHU 102.3
    Christ came not as king at DA 147
    Christ’s mission at, few understood DA 34
    condemnation hanging over world at time of TDG 84.2
    confused with the second LHU 373.4
    contrasted with the second AG 358.2
    darkness covered the earth at time of RC 16.2
    darkness over people at DA 32
    day not known for, but we should honor the event TDG 360.4
    discussed with children at Christmas time TDG 360.2
    Enoch saw, in vision PP 85