〉 Chapter 3—A Soul-winning Agency
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 Chapter 3—A Soul-winning Agency
 The Highest Objective
 The object of Sabbath school work should be the ingathering of souls. The order of working may be faultless, the facilities all that could be desired; but if the children and youth are not brought to Christ, the school is a failure; for unless souls are drawn to Christ, they become more and more unimpressionable under the influence of a formal religion. The teacher should cooperate, as he knocks at the door of the heart of those who need help. If pupils respond to the pleading of the Spirit, and open the door of the heart, that Jesus may come in, He will open their understanding, that they may comprehend the things of God. The teacher’s work is simple work, but if it is done in the Spirit of Jesus, depth and efficiency will be added to it by the operation of the Spirit of God. (CSW 61.1) View Tool
 There should be much personal work done in the Sabbath school. The necessity of this kind of work is not recognized and appreciated as it should be. From a heart filled with gratitude for the love of God, which has been imparted to the soul, the teacher should labor tenderly and earnestly for the conversion of his scholars. (CSW 61.2) View Tool
 Personal Salvation, Then Service
 What evidence can we give to the world that the Sabbath school work is not a mere pretense? It will be judged by its fruits. It will be estimated by the character and work of the pupils. In our Sabbath schools the Christian youth should be entrusted with responsibilities, that they may develop their abilities and gain spiritual power. Let the youth first give themselves to God, and then let them in their early experience be taught to help others. This work will bring their faculties into exercise and enable them to learn how to plan and how to execute their plans for the good of their associates. Let them seek the company of those who need help, not to engage in foolish conversation, but to represent Christian character, to be laborers together with God, winning those who have not given themselves to God.... (CSW 62.1) View Tool
 Zeal Proportionate to Privilege
 In our efforts to help the youth we are woefully behind our duty. We have had great light, but we lack in zeal and earnestness, and have not fervency of spirit proportionate to the privileges we enjoy. We must rise above the chilling atmosphere of unbelief with which we are surrounded, and draw nigh to God, that He may draw nigh to us. (CSW 62.2) View Tool
 We must educate the youth, that they may learn how to work for the salvation of souls; and in educating the youth for this work, we shall also learn how to labor more successfully, becoming efficient agents in the hands of God for the conversion of our scholars. We must become imbued with the spirit of earnest labor, and lay hold upon Christ, claiming Him as our only efficiency. Our minds must be enlarged, that we may have a proper realization of the things pertaining to eternal life. Our hearts must be softened and subdued by the grace of Christ, that we may become true educators. (CSW 62.3) View Tool
 Let superintendents and teachers inquire, Do I believe the word of God? Am I giving myself to Him who hath given Himself for me, suffering a cruel death upon the cross, that I might not perish, but have everlasting life? Do we believe that Jesus is drawing the souls of those around us, even those who are living in impenitence and do not respond to His drawing power? Then, in contrition of soul, say: “Master, I will draw with all my powers of influence, I will draw unto Thee. I trust in Thee and in Thee alone to touch and subdue the heart by the power of the Holy Spirit.”—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 47-50. (CSW 63.1) View Tool
 The All-important Lesson
 If the young who are strong will put to the stretch their powers in searching the Bible, they will have minds stored with valuable knowledge that will shine as a light upon those with whom they associate. The Sabbath school should be a place where those who have made advancement in divine knowledge should be able to inculcate fresh ideas in regard to the faith of God’s people. (CSW 63.2) View Tool
 When all those who profess to be Christians are Christians in deed and in truth, the Sabbath school will be no longer a dry round of service. The teachers will then understand the lesson that Christ gave to Nicodemus, and will teach it in all its momentous bearing on human destiny. Jesus said to the ruler in Israel, “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Except a man be born again, he cannot understand the character of the heavenly kingdom, or discern its spiritual nature. Christ was saying to Nicodemus in these words: (CSW 64.1) View Tool
 “It is not learning you need so much as it is inward renovation. You need not to have your curiosity satisfied so much as to have a new heart, and until that change takes place, making all things new, it will result in no saving good to you for Me to discuss with you My authority, My work, My mission as One who bears the credentials of Heaven.” (CSW 64.2) View Tool
 To Know and Give the Truth to Others
 The lesson which Christ gave to Nicodemus is important to every teacher, to every Sabbath school worker, to every youth and child. It is certainly important that we become acquainted with the reasons of our faith, but the most important knowledge to be gained is the experimental knowledge of what it means to be born again. The great want in our Sabbath school work is the want of the light of life. All through our ranks are needed men and women who have learned at the feet of Jesus what is truth, and how to present it to others. It requires holy men, men who have humility, who are abiding in Christ, to be educators of our youth in the Sabbath school. (CSW 64.3) View Tool
 The Greatest Need
 Nicodemus came to the Lord, thinking to enter into a long discussion with Him concerning points of minor importance, but Jesus laid bare the first principles of truth, and showed Nicodemus that his first need was humility of heart, a teachable spirit, a new heart; that if he would enter into the kingdom of God, he must be born again. Are there not those who hold responsible positions in the Sabbath school who would be irritated and annoyed if I should testify to them that, though they are rulers in Israel, they too need to be born again? Nicodemus wondered that Christ should speak to him in the way which he did, not respecting his position as ruler in Israel, and he was not prepared to receive the truth, and he answered Christ in words full of irony. “Nicodemus saith unto Him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb, and be born?” He revealed the fact, as do many, when the cutting truth is brought home to the conscience, that the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God. There is nothing in them that responds to spiritual things; for spiritual things are spiritually discerned. But, although Nicodemus did not comprehend His words, Jesus did not become impatient or discouraged, but sought to make more plain His statement of truth. In solemn, quiet dignity, Jesus repeated His words in a manner that would convince him of their divine truth: “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.” (CSW 65.1) View Tool
 As a Living Fountain
 Every true Christian is a living fountain, ever receiving of the unfailing streams of grace, ever refreshed and ever refreshing those that are around him. Those who are coworkers with God manifest a missionary spirit; for they are ever receiving, that they may ever be giving to others the light and blessing of heaven. Those who open their hearts to receive largely will be able to give largely. [This paragraph from the Sabbath-School Worker, August, 1892, was omitted in TSS.] (CSW 66.1) View Tool
 How sad it is to think of the great amount of mechanical work that is done in the Sabbath school, while there is little evidence that there is moral transformation in the souls of those who teach and who are taught! When the work of the Spirit of God is felt upon the heart, we shall see many earnestly seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Then earthly things will find their proper, subordinate position, and heavenly things will be supreme in the affections of the children of God.—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 72 (Sabbath School Worker, August, 1892). (CSW 66.2) View Tool
 What the Cause Needs Most
 What is the character of the religious experience of those who take part in the Sabbath school work? The light of truth has been shining in the minds and hearts of teachers and scholars, that they may diffuse it to those who are out of Christ. The saving message is to be given to those who have not yet opened their hearts to receive the heavenly gift. The truth must be urged upon the attention of those who seem indifferent. If all felt a burden for the souls for whom Christ died, how intense would be the interest in every agency employed for the salvation of souls! How little our thoughts would be upon the indulgence of self, upon display in dress, and upon seeking for amusement. How little money would be expended for entertainments and pleasure if we realized the importance of investing our means in the cause of God, which demands every penny not needed for actual wants. (CSW 67.1) View Tool
 Pray that the Holy Spirit may come to your hearts, and then you will wear Christ’s yoke, and bear His burden, and grow into complete union with Jesus. Our views are too narrow; we need a more extended vision, that we may take in the wants of the cause. (CSW 67.2) View Tool
 What the cause most needs is consecrated young men and women, who feel a personal responsibility for the advance of the work, and who will cooperate with divine agencies to shed light into the moral darkness of the world.—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 57. (CSW 67.3) View Tool
 Effect of the Truth
 The principles of truth impressed upon the heart, line upon line and precept upon precept, will produce right action. The Bible contains the searching maxims which God has given to guide men and women, youth and children, through the conflicts of this life to heaven. The prayer of Christ was, “Sanctify them through Thy truth: Thy word is truth.” However enlightened the youth may be through Bible studies, their nature is such that unless the truth of which they have knowledge is practiced in the daily life, every attempt to elevate and ennoble will be unavailing. The parents have a serious responsibility resting upon them to cooperate with the teachers in the Sabbath school. (CSW 68.1) View Tool
 There are hearts that the Lord has touched with His Holy Spirit. No sooner does grace begin its work in the soul, than the heart is humbled and subdued; there is no wrestling for the supremacy; pride is gone; there is such a sense of the love of Christ in giving His life for sinful beings that there is no desire to become self-exalted. The converted one sees that his Redeemer lived a life of humility, and he desires to walk in His footsteps. This missionary spirit is awakened in his heart; and, while walking humbly and circumspectly, in accordance with his faith, he cannot rest until he is engaged in the work of trying to win souls to Christ. He wants every one to know the preciousness of a Saviour’s love.—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 25. (CSW 68.2) View Tool
 A Question for Every Teacher and Scholar
 In studying the Scriptures, in manifesting an unselfish interest in others, in doing those things that will please the Saviour, you will grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour. Let every teacher and scholar ask, “What can I do that can be counted as good service to Him who has died that I might live?” The Master gives this answer, “Seek and save that which is lost.” You are to work in Christ’s way, with patience, with interest, with determination that you will not feel discouraged as you work for time and eternity, believing that Jesus can do much through human ability consecrated to His service. What higher privilege could we desire than to be laborers together with God, making the most of our entrusted powers, that this very work may be accomplished? (CSW 69.1) 2 I View Tool
 When young men and women are sober-minded and cultivate piety and devotion, they will let their light shine forth to others, and there will be vital power in the church. It would be well to have an hour appointed for Bible study, and let the youth, both converted and unconverted, gather together for prayer and for the relation of their experiences. The youth should have a chance to give expression to their feelings. It would be well to have a judicious leader chosen at first, one who will talk little and encourage a great deal, by dropping a word now and then to help and strengthen the youth in the beginning of their religious experiences. After they have had a little experience, let one of their number take the leadership, and then another, and in this way let workers be educated that will meet the approval of God.—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 48, 49. (CSW 69.2) View Tool
 Strength and Wisdom Promised
 Let every true, honesthearted worker be encouraged to work on, keeping in view the fact that every one will be rewarded as his works have been. Work with an eye single to the glory of God. Do not refuse to bear responsibilities because you have a sense of your weakness and inefficiency. God can give you strength and wisdom if you are consecrated to Him and keep humble. Let none through slothfulness refuse to work; and let none rush ahead, urging his service when it is not wanted. (CSW 70.1) View Tool
 Duty to Labor for Others
 Let every true worker be grateful to God that he is honored in having an opportunity of working for the Master. Watch for opportunities to do good and improve the talents God has given you, seeking grace daily that you may succeed in doing good. (CSW 70.2) View Tool
 The lost opportunities for doing good in the past may well humble you to the dust, and lead you to watch carefully lest you should let slip opportunities of being a blessing to others. How many times the hour has come with its work, but the worker was not at his post of duty! Words might have been said to help and strengthen weak souls struggling under temptation, but they were never spoken. Well-directed personal efforts might have been put forth, and have saved a soul from death, and hid a multitude of sins, but there was no one to make the effort. The negligent ones will have to meet their neglect in the day of God. Most precious is the blood of Christ, which cleanses from all sin. A sense of the redeeming love of Christ should lead us to embrace every opportunity of doing good. These moments are exceedingly precious if improved to the glory of God. Those who are in pursuit of earthly riches are watching constantly and sharply their opportunities of gaining their desired object; and workers for Christ should be no less earnest in winning souls to Him. They may be colaborers with Christ if they, by imitating Christ’s example, do good to all brought within the sphere of their influence. (CSW 70.3) View Tool
 For Christ’s sake let the teachers and the leading workers in your Sabbath school be men and women who love and fear God; men and women who realize the responsibility of their position, as those who are watching for souls and must render an account to God for the influence they exert over those under their charge. (CSW 71.1) View Tool
 Faith in God’s Promises
 We must have an increase of faith, else we cannot be renewed in the divine image, and love and obey the requirements of God. Let the prayer go forth from unfeigned lips, “Lord, increase my faith; give me divine enlightenment; for without help from Thee I can do nothing.” Come in humility and bow before God; open before the Lord your Bibles, containing the divine promises; take your position upon them; make a covenant with God that you will answer His requirements; tell Him you will believe, without any other evidence except the naked promise. This is not presumption; but unless you work with zeal, unless you are earnest and determined, Satan will obtain the advantage, and you will be left in unbelief and darkness. (CSW 72.1) View Tool
 The words and promises of God are the only foundation of our faith. Take the word of God as truth, as a living, speaking voice to you, and obey faithfully every requirement. God is faithful, who hath promised. He will work with the efforts of superintendents and teachers. Our blessings are limited by the weakness of our faith. God is not unwilling to bestow; He is a reservoir of power. We must cherish meekness and holiness of heart. We may have rich evidences of His love and mercy daily in our self-denying efforts to do others good. I entreat the workers in our Sabbath schools to put on the whole armor of God, and, as faithful soldiers of Jesus Christ, show their fidelity. God will reward every work that is done to His glory.—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 26-29. (CSW 72.2) View Tool
 The Exercises to Be Spiritualized
 In order to do the will of God, we must search His word, that we may know His doctrine, and put to the task all our entrusted ability. We must be diligent in prayer, and fervent in simple, wholehearted service to God. Those who are engaged as teachers in the Sabbath school should hunger and thirst for divine truth, that they may impart this Spirit to those under their care, and lead their pupils to seek for truth as for hidden treasure. We do not want our Sabbath schools conducted in such a way as to make hypocrites of the pupils; for such cannot advance the interests of true religion. Then let there be more attention given to seeking God, that the Spirit of the Lord may be in your school, than that you may have every mechanical arrangement you desire. High pretensions of any kind are out of place in the Sabbath school work, and the mechanical working of the school is of little value if the Spirit of God does not soften and mold the hearts of teachers and pupils.—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 76. (CSW 73.1) View Tool
 Study Each Individual
 In all true teaching the personal element is essential. Christ in His teaching dealt with men individually. It was by personal contact and association that He trained the twelve. It was in private, often to but one listener, that He gave His most precious instruction. To the honored rabbi at the night conference on the Mount of Olives, to the despised woman at the well of Sychar, He opened His richest treasures; for in these hearers He discerned the impressible heart, the open mind, the receptive spirit. Even the crowd that so often thronged His steps was not to Christ an indiscriminate mass of human beings. He spoke directly to every mind and appealed to every heart. He watched the faces of His hearers, marked the lighting up of the countenance, the quick, responsive glance, which told that truth had reached the soul; and there vibrated in His heart the answering chord of sympathetic joy.... (CSW 73.2) View Tool
 The same personal interest, the same attention to individual development, are needed in educational work today. Many apparently unpromising youth are richly endowed with talents that are put to no use. Their faculties lie hidden because of a lack of discernment on the part of their educators. In many a boy or girl outwardly as unattractive as a rough-hewn stone, may be found precious material that will stand the test of heat and storm and pressure. The true educator, keeping in view what his pupils may become, will recognize the value of the material upon which he is working. He will take a personal interest in each pupil, and will seek to develop all his powers. However imperfect, every effort to conform to right principles will be encouraged.—Education, 231, 232. (CSW 74.1) View Tool
 Personal Work for Class Members
 Our teachers need to be converted men and women, who know what it means to wrestle with God, who will not be at rest until the hearts of the children are turned to love, praise, and glorify God. Who will be earnest workers for souls in our Sabbath schools? Who will take the youth separately, and talk and pray with them, and make personal appeals to them, beseeching them to yield their heart to Jesus, that they may be as a sweet savor to Christ? As we view the magnitude of the work, and see how little it is appreciated, we feel like groaning in spirit, and exclaiming, Who will accept these grave responsibilities, and watch for souls as they that must give an account? We are Christ’s representatives upon the earth. How do we fulfill our mission? Christ’s representatives will be in daily communion with Him. Their words will be select, their speech seasoned with grace, their hearts filled with love, their efforts sincere, earnest, persevering, to save souls for whom Christ has died. Let all do their utmost to work for the salvation of the dear children and youth, and by and by they will listen with joy to the words of Jesus, “Well done, good and faithful servant; ... enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.” What is this joy? It is beholding the redeemed saints saved through their instrumentality, through the blood of Jesus Christ.—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 15. (CSW 74.2) View Tool
 Visiting in Homes
 Teachers and workers in every department of the Sabbath school work, I address you in the fear of God, and tell you that unless you have a living connection with God, and are often before Him in earnest prayer, you will not be able to do your work with heavenly wisdom, and win souls for Christ. The worker for God must be clothed with humility as with a garment. The Lord will recognize and bless the humble worker who has a teachable spirit, a reverential love for truth and righteousness, wherever such a worker may be. If you are thus, you will show a care for your scholars by making special efforts for their salvation. You will come close to them in loving sympathy, visiting them at their homes, learning their true condition by conversing with them concerning their experience in the things of God, and you will bear them in the arms of your faith to the throne of the Father.—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 68, 69. (CSW 75.1) View Tool
 Feeding the Lambs
 In His charge to Peter, the Saviour first bade him, “Feed My lambs,” and afterward commanded, “Feed My sheep.” In addressing the apostle, Christ says to all His servants, “Feed My lambs.” When Jesus admonished His disciples not to despise the little ones, He addressed all disciples in all ages. His own love and care for children is a precious example for His followers. If teachers in the Sabbath school felt the love which they should feel for these lambs of the flock, many more would be won to the fold of Christ. At every suitable opportunity, let the story of Jesus’ love be repeated to the children. In every sermon let a little corner be left for their benefit. The servant of Christ may have lasting friends in these little ones, and his words may be to them as apples of gold in pictures of silver.—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 113. (CSW 76.1) View Tool
 Neglect Not the Children
 While something has been done for the education and religious training of the youth, there is still a great lack. Many more need to be encouraged and helped. There is not that personal labor given which the case requires. It is not the ministers alone who have neglected this solemn work of saving the youth; the members of the churches will have to settle with the Master for their indifference and neglect of duty. (CSW 77.1) View Tool
 The Lord is not glorified when the children are neglected and passed by. They are to be educated, disciplined, and patiently instructed. They require more than casual notice, more than a word of encouragement. They need painstaking, prayerful, careful labor. The heart that is filled with love and sympathy will reach the hearts of the youth who are apparently careless and hopeless.—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 114, 115. (CSW 77.2) View Tool
 Directing the Little Flock
 Our superintendents, our teachers in the Sabbath school, should be frequently in prayer. A word spoken in due season may be as good seed in youthful minds, and may result in leading little feet in the right path. But a wrong word may lead their feet in the path of ruin.—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 112. (CSW 77.3) View Tool
 Gather the Infants
 Gather the infants with lisping lips, the youth and the aged, and set them to the task of solving mysteries which have not been comprehended by the wise men of earth, although possessed of giant minds. The weighty truths of God’s word are for those who are humble and willing to learn at the feet of the divine Teacher. Jesus rejoiced in spirit because of this fact, and said, “I thank Thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because Thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes. Even so, Father: for it seemed good in Thy sight.” (CSW 77.4) View Tool
 Let not narrow ideas proscribe and bind about your labors. “The field is the world.” The doctrines of truth are plainly revealed on every page of the word of God, and yet the enemy has power to blind the minds of the self-sufficient, so that the plainest and simplest utterances may not be understood. Let the truth be taught to our children. Let them be armed with the revelation of the word of God. Let them be able to tell what is written in the Scriptures of truth. Let the minister from the desk, with lips touched with a coal from off the altar of heaven, speak the words of life that will burn their way into the heart and soul of those who, although wise in the wisdom of the world, do not comprehend the wisdom that is from above. (CSW 78.1) View Tool
 The question, “What is truth?” should be asked with decided interest. We must respond to the command of God, and go forward from light to a greater light. There is no such thing as the soldiers of Christ standing still, careless and inactive. There are constant improvements to be made. The providence of God is leading us on step by step in the path of obedience. Let parents and teachers impress upon the minds of the children that the Lord is proving them in this life, to see if they will render obedience to Him with love and reverence. Those who would not be obedient to Christ here would not obey Him in the eternal world. The Lord is seeking to fit them for the heavenly mansion that Jesus has gone to prepare for those who love Him.—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 31, 32. (CSW 78.2) View Tool
 Religious Experience of Children
 Religion helps children to study better and to do more faithful work. A little girl of twelve was telling, in a simple way, the evidence that she was a Christian. “I did not like to study, but to play. I was idle at school, and often missed my lessons. Now I learn every lesson well, to please God. I was mischievous at school, when the teachers were not looking at me, making fun for the children to look at. Now I wish to please God by behaving well and keeping the school laws. I was selfish at home, didn’t like to run errands, and was sulky when mother called me from play to help her in work. Now it is a real joy for me to help mother in any way and to show that I love her.” (CSW 79.1) View Tool
 Do not teach your children with reference to some future period when they shall be old enough to repent and believe the truth. If properly instructed, very young children may have correct views of their state as sinners, and of the way of salvation through Christ.—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 112. (CSW 79.2) View Tool
 Children’s Hearts Most Susceptible
 The Sabbath school teachers have need of walking carefully and prayerfully before God. They must labor as those who must give an account. They are given an opportunity to win souls for Christ, and the longer the youth remain in impenitence, the more confirmed they become in their resistance of the Spirit of God. With increase of years it is probable that there will be a decrease of sensibility to divine things, a diminished susceptibility to the influences of religion. Every day Satan works to fasten them in their habits of disobedience, their spirit of impenitence, and there is less probability that they will become Christians . And what shall be the account finally to be rendered by indifferent teachers? Why does moral diffidence blind the soul of the teacher, and make him reluctant to put forth proper efforts for the conversion of precious souls of youth and children? Why not let the Holy Spirit create an atmosphere about the soul that will drive away moral darkness and bring heavenly light to others?—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 44, 45. (CSW 80.1) View Tool
 The Power of Christlike Tenderness
 The Lord Jesus Christ has infinite tenderness for those whom He has purchased at the cost of His own sufferings in the flesh, that they should not perish with the devil and his angels, but that He may claim them as His chosen ones. They are the claims of His love, of His own property; and He looks upon them with unutterable affection, and the fragrance of His own righteousness He gives to His loved ones who believe in Him. It requires tact and wisdom and human love and sanctified affection for the precious lambs of the flock, to lead them to see and appreciate their privilege of yielding themselves up to the tender guidance of the faithful shepherds. The children of God will exercise the gentleness of Jesus Christ. (CSW 80.2) View Tool
 The teacher may bind these children to his or her heart by the love of Christ abiding in the soul temple as a sweet fragrance, a savor of life unto life. The teachers may, through the grace of Christ imparted to them, be the living human agency—be laborers together with God—to enlighten, lift up, encourage, and help to purify the soul from its moral defilement; and the image of God shall be revealed in the soul of the child, and the character become transformed by the grace of Christ.—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 87. (CSW 81.1) View Tool
 A Recruiting Ground for Christian Workers
 Christian teachers and students are responsible to God for the gracious privileges they enjoy, for they are to be laborers together with God, bearing a decided testimony to the power of God’s saving grace in the sight of earth and heaven. The efficiency and influence of the workers for God will be in proportion to their moral elevation and purity. The true Christian teachers will discern the import of the Sabbath school lesson; for their understanding will be opened to comprehend the gospel. They will let their light shine to those who have taken no interest in the precious rays of truth. The door of the heart must be opened to receive the light shining from the Word. One Christian student who receives the word of God may be the means of blessing his fellow students. He can be a benefit to others if, patiently and kindly and interestingly, he will go over the lesson with those who do not take an interest in the things of God, and will make his instruction simple and definite. This kind of work will require the exercise of wisdom from above, that the worker may approach in an acceptable manner those who most need help, and lead them to Christ, where the wants of the soul may be satisfied.... (CSW 81.2) View Tool
 When the youth is converted, do not leave him in idleness; give him something to do in the vineyard of the Master. According to his ability, let him be employed; for the Lord has given to every man his work. Let us cooperate with the Lord in every line, and set in operation every means whereby the powers of those connected with the school may be developed for usefulness. The inhabitants of the world are ranging themselves under the banners of the two leaders of earth’s inhabitants. Christ, the Prince of life, and Satan, the prince of darkness, are urging men and women and youth into service. It is the work of the Christian teacher and scholar to make earnest efforts that the ranks of Christ may be continually increased, to invite every soul to stand under the bloodstained banner of Prince Immanuel—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 50, 51. (CSW 82.1) View Tool
 The Sabbath School a Factor in Missionary Training
 It has been proved in the missionary field, that, whatever may be the preaching talent, if the laboring part is neglected, if the people are not taught how to work, how to conduct meetings, how to act their part in missionary labor, how to reach people successfully, the work will be nearly a failure. There is much to be done in the Sabbath school work also, in bringing the people to realize their obligation and to act their part. God calls them to work for Him, and the ministers should guide their efforts.—Testimonies for the Church 5:256. (CSW 83.1) View Tool
 A Training for Bible Work
 The great work of opening the Bible from house to house in Bible readings gives an added importance to the Sabbath school work, and makes it evident that the teachers in the schools should be consecrated men and women, who understand the Scriptures, and can rightly divide the word of truth. The idea of holding Bible readings is a heaven-born idea, and opens the way to put hundreds of young men and women into the field to do an important work, which otherwise could not have been done. (CSW 83.2) View Tool
 The Bible is unchained. It can be carried to every man’s door, and its truths may be presented to every man’s conscience. There are many who, like the noble Bereans, will search the Scriptures daily for themselves, when the truth is presented, to see whether or not these things are so. Christ has said, “Search the Scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of Me.” Jesus, the world’s Redeemer, bids men not only to read, but to “search the Scriptures.” This is a great and important work, and it is committed to us, and in doing this we shall be greatly benefited; for obedience to Christ’s command will not go unrewarded. He will crown with especial tokens of His favor this act of loyalty in following the light revealed in His word.—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 29, 30. (CSW 84.1) View Tool
 Regard for Christians in Other Churches
 Do not make the Sabbath school lessons dry and spiritless. Leave the impression upon the mind that the Bible, and the Bible alone, is our rule of faith, and that the sayings and doings of men are not to be a criterion for our doctrines or actions. One grand lesson must be taught to the children, and that is that they must be free from every particle of egotism and bigotry. Teach them that Christ died to save sinners, and that those who are not of our faith are to be labored for with great tenderness and forbearance, for their souls are precious in the sight of God. No one must be regarded with contempt. There must be no Pharisaism, no self-righteousness. (CSW 84.2) View Tool
 There are many true Christians not of our faith, with whom we come in contact, who live according to the best light that they have, and they are in greater favor with God than are those who have greater light but who have not improved it by showing corresponding works. (CSW 85.1) View Tool
 A Spirit of Tolerance
 At one time the disciples found a man who was doing a work in Christ’s name, and John, relating the matter to Jesus said, “We forbade him, because he followeth not us;” but Jesus rebuked his spirit, and told his followers that “he that is not against us is on our part.” (CSW 85.2) View Tool
 The Way, the Truth, and the Life will be clearly revealed in the words, the spirit, and the deportment of those who believe in and learn of Jesus. Parents and teachers should manifest the tenderest interest and sympathy for those who are not believers in the truth. They should never, either by word or action, wound a soul, the purchase of Christ’s blood. If the older ones manifest a cold, harsh, unsympathetic spirit, the children will manifest the same, and their characters will not be molded after the divine model. We must patiently educate the children and youth to feel that they are required of God to be missionaries, that they are not to be selfish, narrow, and bigoted, but broad in their ideas and sympathies. If all work in love and manifest Christian courtesy, they will be winners of souls, and will bring precious sheaves to the Master. (CSW 85.3) View Tool
 Aim for a Higher Standard
 One thing is certain, there is too little of the spirit of love among Seventh-day Adventists, both in church and Sabbath school work. The workers and learners aim for too low a standard. All need to be enlarged, to have higher and holier aspirations, to inhale a purer atmosphere. Young men and women are to come forth from our Sabbath schools and colleges to become missionaries for God. They need the very best instruction and religious training. They need that virtue that comes from God, added to knowledge, which will qualify them for trying and responsible positions. The intellectual and spiritual growth should be as marked as the development of the physical powers. The young should feel the necessity of being strong and competent intellectually as well as spiritually. Many fail to acquire this power, not because they are lacking in ability, but because they fail to apply themselves with determined and diligent effort. They should make the very most of their opportunities, and become caretakers, in order to be able to bear the burdens and share the responsibilities of those who are worn and laden. The most important of all missionary work is to train workers to go into the field to preach the gospel to every creature.—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 32-34. (CSW 86.1) View Tool