One woman 20 needed where there is now, in work of saving souls WM 146   
One youth not. in 100 feels his God-given responsibility 5T 115    [3]
Patriarchal time, Patriarchal times Christ’s kindness and love manifested since 5T 195    [8]
Present (time) is day of trust 4T 618    [3]
Probationary time character you form in, yours at second advent AH 16    [20]
Prophetic time end of, Rev. 10.6 refers to 7BC 971    [2]
Prophets and Kings preparation of, by EGW in 1910 2SM 230   
Prosper God will cause the humble to, in their labors 3T 307    [11]
Refining time cleavage among church members in CT 328    [1]
Sanctified heart, Sanctified hearts is in harmony with precepts of God’s law AA 563    [1]
School, Schools, not Seventh-day Adventist   [206]
Sealing time of 144,000 in closing work for church 3T 266    [6]
Shaking time has come 7T 219    [2]
Sifting time near 5T 80    [2]
Sleep not sentinels of God GC 601   
Sowing time life is your CT 491;MM 44;    [4]
Speak ability to. clearly and distinctly is invaluable in any line of work CM 71;CT 217;6T 380;    [36]
Speak evil of no man 2T 54    [1]
Stormy time, Stormy times before God’s people ChS 136;CS 256;2SM 246;1T 211;5T 546;9T 167;    [2]
Table, Tables arrangement of, fashion’s baleful influence upon CD 258-9;CG 373;    [19]