One hundred marriages not one in, bears God’s sanction 4T 504   
One hundred missionaries if we were vitalized by Spirit there would be, where there is now one CH 507   
One hundred nurses needed in training where there is now one CH 503   
One hundred persons home miss. work needs, where now one 9T 42    [1]
One hundredth part of blessing we should get from assembling to worship God, we do not obtain 6T 362    [2]
One hundred preachers needed where now there is one 4T 389   
One hundred times more accomplished when self-sacrifice of early days is manifested 6T 419   
One hundred youth not one in, feels his God-given responsibility 5T 115   
One-idea men described 2SM 319   
One individual every action and purpose and word of each person is as distinctly marked as if there were only, in whole universe 5T 627    [2]
One in twenty not, of church members prepared in 1893 to close earthly ministry ChS 41    [2]
One minister twenty should be added where there is now 6T 414    [1]
One person little that is stolen by, significance of CH 408-9   
One-sided people cultivation of one set of mental faculties to neglect of the others makes 3T 153   
One soul   [65]
One student is thread which is to unite with others in composing fabric 6T 172   
One thousand persons more than, will soon be converted in one day CM 151;CW 181;WM 101;   
One thousandth part not, is done in working cities that should be done WM 136   
One thousand two hundred and sixty years began in A.D. 538 GC 54-5, 266-7, 439;SR 330-1;    [8]
One twentieth part we are not doing. of good we might accomplish 4T 426;TM 195;    [3]